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Seeing the demand for personalized service and an exquisite ambiance; Mynt Retreat Bed & Breakfast was brought to fruition by family savvy in the perfect combination of the fields of hospitality and tourism, entrepreneurship, real estate and interior design.

A hybrid of a boutique hotel and a bed and breakfast, Mynt Retreat Bed & Breakfast has 6 spacious and comfortable guest rooms allowing for exceptional personalized service with breakfast included. The beach is located close by and there are rooms on the property with their very own sun deck.

With the help of a world travelled interior designer, Mynt Retreat Bed & Breakfast is Feng Shui friendly inducing the natural relaxation vibe one deserves on any getaway. Each room is named after some of the most breathtaking cities in Morocco and each room has its very own personality.

The spa offers first class services for further relaxation and beauty treatments. In collaboration with an internationally renowned hair stylist, we aim to deliver only the best.

Mynt Retreat Bed & Breakfast will also take the hassle out of booking your excursions by recommending and arranging them for you with some of the most highly rated adventure and tour groups on the island.


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Video Tour

Video Tour

Each room at Mynt Retreat Bed & Breakfast has its very own personality. The rooms were named after breathtaking cities found in Morocco. You may select a room with either two double beds, a king size bed or a queen size bed.

Mynt Retreat Bed & Breakfast’s tranquil setting provides the perfect Zen ambiance for those seeking solace and relaxation. Heal your mind and body through the art of massage, aromatherapy, or reflexology to name a few.

Let our expert therapists and aestheticians transform your day with our exquisite spa treatments and services.

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